November 26, 2010

Cavs Speak

November 21, 2010

Why Mom Why?!

Hey guys! I entered myself in a photo contest. It was titled "Dogs in Winter Coats". Seriously what was mom thinking! Dressing a dog in a parka! I will never live this down at the next dog event... oh the shame of it all! Take a peek at how silly I look!
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November 17, 2010

Dogs We Meet On Our Hikes

Portuguese Water Dog. Don't You Just Love His Dirty Face!
As the name denotes, the Portuguese Water Dog developed in Portugal and is known there as Cao de Aqua (pronounced Kownd’ ahgwa), “dog of the water”.
~ Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada
This Thursday, I am thankful for the many dog breeds I meet while out hiking. It's fun to get to know a breed I have not met before. Plus I enjoy any opportunity to fine tune my beginner photography skills.

Strolling along a path at the Rouge Park, in Scarborough, Ontario we were greeted by this large, friendly and off-leash dog trotting behind his owners. As we passed on the path, I raised my camera to take his picture. This big-eyed guy looked over his shoulder, stopped, turned around and posed.  As soon as he heard the camera "click" he happily set off after his owners again. It appears, being asked to stand while being photographed is a large part of his life! [Read More...]

November 12, 2010

A Royal Spaniel

November 11, 2010

Strattfordshire Dogs Come in 2's. How About Your CKCS Household?

I wonder if in the 18th century people already knew of a CKCS's desire to be in multiples? Upon getting Kodee, my breeder warned me, I'd get another. I scoffed. Not me, I have never owned more than one dog at a time. Yes, and I had also only owned Labrador Retrievers and one crazed Doberman. The Doberman is a whole nother story!

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November 5, 2010

Backyard Breeders Beware!

I love my dogs and honestly can say I will NEVER be without one. Dogs give me companionship, comfort and laughter. Daily they give me a reason to get off my butt and exercise. Certainly they have inspired me to write, photograph and blurt out bits of my opinions here!

I figure, if you keep coming back here to read, you probably find my ramblings thought provoking and fun or maybe it's entertaining to watch me unload. It could be, you thrive on subjecting yourself to torture. Who am I to judge!
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November 4, 2010

The ROYAList of Cavaliers; More Than a Pretty Face

Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels excel in so many ways. Most people think of them as "Lap Dogs". True, a Cavalier will always make itself at home on the nearest lap, but they are so much more! Don't forget they are also descendants of the Spaniel. True to their heritage, Cavaliers have an excellent sense of scent, they are quick on their toes, graceful movers who can whip up a zoom in a moments notice. People not really familiar with this breed, make the assumption they are low key, low energy, low motivated dogs. So NOT true! [Read More... ] 

November 3, 2010

Miss Kodee - Leaf Goalie Master

November 1, 2010

Loving Everything Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Musing 2: The Fun Stuff
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