September 30, 2012

Monday Mischief: It's All Becky's Fault

2012-09 Cavaliers At Sunset
Becky: Seriously. It was not MY fault! I swear you always get the bully stick that smells better!

Kodee: Here's a thought. Instead of sitting in front of me making jealous, grumbling sounds, CHEW your own stick! Now pray to the Doggie Lord, Mom will relent and buy us chews again.

2012-08 Sammie
Oh a cat fight amongst dogs - this is rich!

2012-08 Chipmunk
I heard there are other issues girls because your Mom doesn't trust Miz Piggy to not try and swallow the small piece at the end and choking.

2012-08 Must Get the Bullystick
Come to Kodee now my precious!

We got that covered fur ball! Lessons From and For 4 Legs showed Mom how to twist the sticks into the end of a rubber ball.

2012_08_Bullystick (1 of 1)
Quit staring at me Becky!

2012-09 Brickworks
Becky: Mom, listen. Kodee said she would chew the stick and make it soft and stinky for me first. I didn't steal it!

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September 24, 2012

Mischief Monday: Dogs Rule.. Or Do They?

Through My Window

Tormenting the Dogs
Kodee, Kodee... Pity you're locked up behind that glass patio door. Look what I see.

Jack Pot!
Fresh summer corn. Too bad your Mom says corn is bad for you canine folk.

Don't Look Back
Look again! I have a way with my "bark" to get my way when I want out.
Let's play dog chase squirrrel!

Blue Jay
Not so quick Miss Kodee, you're not exactly top of the food chain in these parts.

Fall Romps
What are you mumbling about you noisy Blue Jay.
My backyard is my Kingdom - I am top dog around here!

Looking For Take Out

Loads of Other Pet Antics At the Monday Mischief Pet Bloghop.

September 2, 2012

Look Deep Into My Eyes


I was taking a lazy moment this Sunday to catch up on my favourite dog blogs. First up was fashionista Bunny at Tales and Tails and I was immediately struck by how thoughtful she looked. Then I headed to my buddy Brown Dog and thought WOW great minds think alike, another great Black and White photograph! So I had another sip of my coffee and it hit me. I'm a little slow off the mark today, it's new blog hop!! Double bonus I am thinking! A new DOG blog hop that is also a PHOTOGRAPHY blog hop. Nice to meet you Penny at "My Life In Dog Years"

I am a big fan of black and white photography but for some reason, I have never converted one of my own  photographs. What I love about black and white photography, is how it doesn't have a lot of distractions so one aspect of the photograph will stand out. If you want to see the colour version it is [HERE]. Which one do you like best? I'm leaning towards this one I think.

Go Fetch!
Looking for inspiration?
180 Beautiful Black and White Images
Pinterest Black and White Dog Photographs

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