January 8, 2014

Last Bark


Kodee is the reason I fell in love with photography. She is also the reason I have come to love exploring, hiking, learning about dog health and training. It has been fun sharing our stories and learning experiences. Every now and then you read about a dog who has an impact on a family's life - they just seem to appear at the right time. Kodee is that dog.

Life Through Kodee's Eyes

Kodee was our first small dog and it was quite an adjustment I remember! Teaching a large dog to heel seemed easier. We also forgot she was there and the poor girl got stepped on so many times in the beginning. Kodee is very different from my mischievous numerous labs and my one, slightly off-centered doberman. Oh and I do not forget my parents miniature poodles or the hard to forget  "boxer" experience! She is one of a kind and I am so very lucky and thankful to have had her in my life. If none of that was true, I would not have gone on to get a second Cavalier. Enter Becky... ah my sweet, forever doting on me, little bundle of zip!


With the girls off at school I suddenly found myself with whole days to fill with new experiences.Cavaliers are very social plus they possess a way of winning over any "No Dogs Allowed" types very quickly. We started checking out conservation parks, new towns and took small overnight road trips. All that led to a acquiring a camera - then we fought over the camera so make that two cameras. I see a pattern of pairs here.


What did we all do before the onslaught of digital cameras? It has to be the fastest growing hobby this century. Sure the gear is expensive but choosing to spend my days behind a lens has really cut back on my spending habits. I swear, I'm ahead! Photography has given me a different view on the world around me. Since getting behind the lens, I have become more appreciative of nature, suddenly I am more aware of other people's moods and now no detail is too small for my attention. This hobby has allowed me to meet great people, spend more time with my family, helping to get me fit, and bringing out the Indiana Jones explorer in me. That little black box, packs a lot of power for my buck! I wonder how many people my rambling just helped to justify buying a new lens?

Keeping up two blogs is way too hard so I have decided one must go. I guess you could say this is my last bark. One day Kodee and Becky will be gone, but leaving Bark'n About here so I can relive the memories will help me through it. 

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December 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Kodee!

Call me crazy - but on a whim I gathered a few flowers from the florist down the street. Plan is, can I sweet talk my way into the house if I layout this show of flowers for Miss Kodee's birthday gift?

"A heart that loves, is always young". May Kodee rule my heart and home for many years to come!

Don't laugh. I bet you would sit pretty in a crown too if someone was waving warm dehydrated sweet potatoes in your face.

Here's the cartoon Cavalier King Charlies Spaniel I made at Cartoonize My Pet!Here's the cartoon Cavalier King Charlies Spaniel I made at Cartoonize My Pet!

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November 1, 2013

Howl-o-ween Escapades


Good Grief! Kodee took off last night. Found her having a serious talk with the moon. She was trying to "bewitch" the pretty ladies floating about on broomsticks. This HOWL-o-ween, she asked them to let it rain mini pumpkins.

The Moon said it is not that easy! We would have to prove ourselves by travelling very far and be brave. Not exactly a strong character strength of mine... Never mind that Kodee snuffed. Just muster up a brave front - pumpkins were out there ripe for eating!

I don't want to point any paws... but someone - cough Miss Kodee, kept stopping to eat a stick... or two... OK it might have been 3 Miss Piggy! I myself was biding my time chasing a chipmunk around a tree. Suddenly he squeaked STOP. If you leave me alone I will tell you how to get to the pumpkin patch! Then he snickered "Be careful where you decide to dig up a bone this HOWL-o-ween".

20131014-029_960_nl Chippy said to take Werewolf Running Trail to Howling River. We would need a lot of courage to make it though our next destination - Dog Bone Valley.

This was not your usual dog friendly park folks. This woodland was assorted - with - err - dogs of the past. As in you know, dog ghosts! No time to stop for sticks now Kodee - RUN!

Oh My! Would you look at that! A glorious sight as we came over the top of the hill. There is was...

All the fiber a girl could ask for! The Pumpkin Patch keeper welcomed us in for a feast!

Kodee Roasts Becky OH MY!
Hope your Howl-o-ween was filled with dreams and treats like ours!

Wet nose kisses <3 Miz Becky

July 30, 2013

A "Blushing" Wordless Wednesday


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Go Fetch!

June 23, 2013

Black and White Sunday: Summer Sunsets


I have been wanting to do a silhouette of the dogs at the top of the hill of my neighbourhood park for a while. I think this golden sepia black and white version is my favourite.


A little artsy and fun. Note someone is missing... that is because Miss Kodee was searching for sticks to chew in the grass. That will teach her, I cloned her misbehaving self, right out of the photo! Becky takes her modeling career seriously and always does what I ask! When I get the photo I want, my enthusiastic  squeal  starts Becky wiggling her whole body - my joy appears to be reward enough for her.


Sneaking in the breathtaking pink-orange sunset too, because it's just too pretty to pass up.

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June 19, 2013

Wordless {Almost} Wednesday Motivators




20130525-044_web Drive
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June 7, 2013

The Great Cavsby Birthday Bash!

The Great Cavsby
Miz Becky tells me she has grown up! 

Eau du Miz Becky
She has traded in her puppy chew toys for big girl fun like sniffing out cute dudes while prancing over agility jumps.

That is where she met her boyfriend Jasper. He's a strikingly, handsome Tri Cavalier. I think he may have  hopes to one day ask for her paw forever.

She is also a superstar now participating in trick class with a bow here, a high five there, spins on a dime - heck she even sits pretty. Oh to be a frivolous teen enjoying the good times!

4th Birthday Fun
Ah Becky you look like maybe you still need to learn a lesson or two. Too much fun comes with a price.

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