January 25, 2010

Alert Mommy! Look at the big ugly thing!!

Becky here! Just today, I was sleeping in my bed in the kitchen when suddenly I looked up and saw this big thing on our fence. Whoa it was bigger than my sis Miss Kodee and UGLY TOO. I barked and barked. I don't know why Mommy was LAUGHING and getting her camera and giggling "Look it's a Possum" like we are supposed to like it?! I don't think so! [Read More]

January 21, 2010

Fetch Photos

Have you visited Fetch Photos? Yup as my daughter says "shameless self promotion!" I am by no means a great or even good photographer. But I just love taking pictures while out on our adventures with Kodee and Becky. I don't see the point in taking pictures unless I display them somewhere. So Fetch Photos is really a photojournal of my progress in learning photography. [More]

January 14, 2010

Why Men Have Dogs Not Wives

Cute video - personally I mute the awful music to watch it!!

January 5, 2010

Fetching Dog Centric Stories!

Get out your pen and start writing your dog's tale!

Modern Dog Magazine is holding it's first writing contest. Stories should be non-fiction but can be all drama, heart-felt or silly! Deadline March 1, 2010. [More]

Miz Becky's First Snowfall

My little sister Miz Becky saw snow for the first time. Mom and Dad thought we were excited to play in the snow.. sort of ... I used it as another opportunity to chase the little munchkin lol

I think Miz Becky loves me chasing her but Mom says I treat her like a squirrel - well I do, but hey she doesn't complain!!  We caught it on video just for you to watch! [More]

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