January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: CavAttitude

January 16, 2012

Are You Hurting Your Dog Without Even Knowing It?

Vaccination Dangers for Small & Medium Sized Dogs 

I know lots of information is out there on vaccination reactions and risks - still, I do come across pet owners who are not aware of the risks of over vaccinations or how to best minimize a reaction occurance. Even if you have read it before - like me often, I still found it valuable to revisit the information in this video.

A MUST watch video. Come on, it's 6 minutes that may save a dogs life. Can you spare it?

The video may be tailored to small/mid sized dogs but don't let that deter you - it has great information of risks for breeds of all sizes.

Increased Risk of Vaccination Reactions
  • 1-3 years old; 35-64% increase risk of reaction
  • Spayed or Neutered; 27-38% increased risk of reaction
  • 3 or more vaccinations in a combo vaccination; 50% increased risk of reaction

Hey! Why Stop There

Have you read about Rabies Miasm In DogsHere is a clip to get you interested.
Understanding the link between individual chronic diseases and the rabies vaccine involves what homeopathic physician Samuel Hahnemann called a ‘miasm’. The miasm is an underlying disease, like the part of the iceberg lurking beneath the water’s surface. You can see and deal with the tip of the iceberg — in this case, individual disease symptoms — but the iceberg’s essence (the miasm) is submerged, unreachable and deadly.
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Dr. Dodds Vaccination Protocol
Truth 4 Dogs: Exposing Myths, Lies and Outdated Information Affecting Dogs
Rabies Challenge Fund
Human Side: Why This Nurse Won't Vaccinate

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January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Brings Good Luck!

Friday the 13th. Is it YOUR Bad Luck Day?

Did someone say Friday the 13th is "The Un-Luckiest Day of the Calendar Year"? Ding Dong!! Not here!

Welcome to the first, Friday the 13th for 2012! It will be a special year with the rare opportunity of seeing 3 months with Fridays on the 13th.   January, April and July. Since 1860 this has only happened 3 times and the last time this happened was 1984.

We started our first 2012 Friday 13th rather dismal, dark and grumpy. Then the door bell rang. Hmmm package arrival. What’s that a B&H PhotoVideo logo. WIDE EYES! Pretty nice surprise not but weeks after Christmas for me. Someone rather sweet sent a new 85mm lens my way. Kodee is thinking Dad really should have thrown in a bone or two since this means more "posing" time.

Just a few quick photos taken here, but wow, look at that depth of field. So excited to get the hang of this new lens!
So to my fellow friends, remember if today seems bleak, dismal, filled with no hope - have faith, better days are around the corner ;) My "Cavs Speak" the truth always!

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