July 28, 2012

Midsummer Ramblings


Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? Well hopefully that is somewhat true since I haven't posted here in a very long time!


My MIA excuse? Summer and the onslaught of camera fever that came with the warmer days! In my quest to get to know my camera better, I have been on the hunt for new adventures to photograph and have found myself with dirt flying in my face at the race track, dancing to Pretty Woman at the Polo For Heart Match, oh and can't forget sitting in the bush waiting for a hawk, and the not so dainty, tiptoe through a flower bed at the botanical gardens to capture butterfly on a flower. If you want to view a few of my summer adventure photos head over to my photo blog  Beyond the Dog Dish.


I didn't totally neglect the dogs though!


Meet Becky's niece! This little girl is the smallest of the litter but she takes no nonsense from her 4 brothers over at Embee Cavaliers! In fact, Lil' Miss was first to bust loose out of the puppy pen and climb over the wall!


We also got to have a visit with Becky's Mom at the Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario Specialty Show. Reese maybe over 7 but she is in fine shape and looking HOT in the Old Timers Fun Match. Look at that smile - like Mother like Daughter!


Becky really enjoys training. So all winter we worked at learning Rally Obedience. I thought we were ready for our first Rally Fun Match this summer. Whoops, I learned a valuable lesson! Perfection at home or in class in no way prepared us for the high distractions a new location brings on.


Back to the training pad for us! Someone gave me good advice and suggested to train Becky at a busy park. When she had that down, go to a new location - keep practicing in new areas till she can focus right off the bat in a new location. So on that note, I guess I have my work already laid out for this fall.


Rally is not very popular where I live - actually, most dog sports are not popular where I live. So that means I have to be resourceful and seek out my own materials; books Click Your Way to Rally,  Yahoo Groups Attention  Games for Rally and Sport, blogs The Dogs Are Really In Charge, Leash Free Living and competition videos.


At the end of the day Becky got her favourite type of reward - nothing beats a post workout snuggle. My reward was watching her do that whole body wag (complete with a goofy grin) while doing the course - she really loves her one on one time with me.


~ Ramblings by Debbie
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What Is Rally Obedience
Canadian Kennel Club 2012 Rally Obedience Rule Book
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Cyber Rally-O - great resource if your area is like mine and NO ONE will teach Rally :( and I have been known to beg people too... so if your reading this and know I mean YOU, you know what I want you to do :)

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