December 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Kodee!

Call me crazy - but on a whim I gathered a few flowers from the florist down the street. Plan is, can I sweet talk my way into the house if I layout this show of flowers for Miss Kodee's birthday gift?

"A heart that loves, is always young". May Kodee rule my heart and home for many years to come!

Don't laugh. I bet you would sit pretty in a crown too if someone was waving warm dehydrated sweet potatoes in your face.

Here's the cartoon Cavalier King Charlies Spaniel I made at Cartoonize My Pet!Here's the cartoon Cavalier King Charlies Spaniel I made at Cartoonize My Pet!

Want a bit of fun? Make your own dog for free at: Cartoonize My Pet

November 1, 2013

Howl-o-ween Escapades


Good Grief! Kodee took off last night. Found her having a serious talk with the moon. She was trying to "bewitch" the pretty ladies floating about on broomsticks. This HOWL-o-ween, she asked them to let it rain mini pumpkins.

The Moon said it is not that easy! We would have to prove ourselves by travelling very far and be brave. Not exactly a strong character strength of mine... Never mind that Kodee snuffed. Just muster up a brave front - pumpkins were out there ripe for eating!

I don't want to point any paws... but someone - cough Miss Kodee, kept stopping to eat a stick... or two... OK it might have been 3 Miss Piggy! I myself was biding my time chasing a chipmunk around a tree. Suddenly he squeaked STOP. If you leave me alone I will tell you how to get to the pumpkin patch! Then he snickered "Be careful where you decide to dig up a bone this HOWL-o-ween".

20131014-029_960_nl Chippy said to take Werewolf Running Trail to Howling River. We would need a lot of courage to make it though our next destination - Dog Bone Valley.

This was not your usual dog friendly park folks. This woodland was assorted - with - err - dogs of the past. As in you know, dog ghosts! No time to stop for sticks now Kodee - RUN!

Oh My! Would you look at that! A glorious sight as we came over the top of the hill. There is was...

All the fiber a girl could ask for! The Pumpkin Patch keeper welcomed us in for a feast!

Kodee Roasts Becky OH MY!
Hope your Howl-o-ween was filled with dreams and treats like ours!

Wet nose kisses <3 Miz Becky

July 30, 2013

A "Blushing" Wordless Wednesday


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Go Fetch!

June 23, 2013

Black and White Sunday: Summer Sunsets


I have been wanting to do a silhouette of the dogs at the top of the hill of my neighbourhood park for a while. I think this golden sepia black and white version is my favourite.


A little artsy and fun. Note someone is missing... that is because Miss Kodee was searching for sticks to chew in the grass. That will teach her, I cloned her misbehaving self, right out of the photo! Becky takes her modeling career seriously and always does what I ask! When I get the photo I want, my enthusiastic  squeal  starts Becky wiggling her whole body - my joy appears to be reward enough for her.


Sneaking in the breathtaking pink-orange sunset too, because it's just too pretty to pass up.

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June 19, 2013

Wordless {Almost} Wednesday Motivators




20130525-044_web Drive
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This is a Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

June 7, 2013

The Great Cavsby Birthday Bash!

The Great Cavsby
Miz Becky tells me she has grown up! 

Eau du Miz Becky
She has traded in her puppy chew toys for big girl fun like sniffing out cute dudes while prancing over agility jumps.

That is where she met her boyfriend Jasper. He's a strikingly, handsome Tri Cavalier. I think he may have  hopes to one day ask for her paw forever.

She is also a superstar now participating in trick class with a bow here, a high five there, spins on a dime - heck she even sits pretty. Oh to be a frivolous teen enjoying the good times!

4th Birthday Fun
Ah Becky you look like maybe you still need to learn a lesson or two. Too much fun comes with a price.

May 8, 2013

Plethora You Say?


I got called a “Plethora” the other day. Well if you got it flaunt it I say. <3 Miss Kodee

April 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Must You Go? Be Back By Dinner!

Don't Go
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February 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Naughty & Proud Of It!




January 29, 2013

Vavavoom! Sporting a Canine Svelte Waistline

Lost in a Snow Storm
Romping In Fresh Snow

 My dogs get so excited when we have a fresh snowfall and they get to run through a new snow drift. Sad the fun is often short lived because sometimes this follows; slushy roads,  sidewalks covered with paw burning salt and I swear the brutal winter winds start howling in my ear "take cover - hibernate". This is the time of year I have to start getting creative to keep myself and the dogs active both physically and mentally. 

Fit & Trim Pups
Participating in "Show Off Your Waistline Campaign" at Dawg Business. 
"Dog obesity has become a real epidemic, and we can change it! Bloggers and veterinarians everywhere are uniting to share pictures and stories of their dog's weight loss struggles and successes." ~ Dawg Business

Step One: Watch how much you feed.
Visit Dawg Business and look at the chart on what a dog's weight should be. Where does your dog's waistline fit in; underweight, just right or overweight? Kodee is a good weight for her frame and has a nice defined waist - seriously it is under all that hair somewhere. In winter I watch their waistlines and sometimes cut back their food a little if our activity level has dropped and weight gain begins.

My first dog a Labrador was not so lucky - I didn't notice the weight creep up during her senior years. Jessie developed arthritis and her hips bothered her as she aged. If I had kept her weight better managed, I think she would have had less wear and tear on her joints and been spared a lot of discomfort in her senior years.

Get Cooking!

Sweet Potato Treats
Monica Segal's Cookie Recipe
Wheat-Free Sweet Potato Chicken
20+ Healthy Dog Recipes and Books

You Fed Me WHAT?

Kodee's reaction to the first time I fed her a new alfalfa based food! She has gotten over the taste oddity now and loves it.

Step Two: Watch what you feed.
I don't like to get into the debate of whether a dog's diet should be raw, home-cooked or a high grade commercial food. Different lifestyles, economics, dog health problems will dictate what works best on an individual basis. Don't fool yourself  into thinking a svelte waist is a healthy waist.

Truth About Pet Food
5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Dogs Commercial Diet 
Home-cooked Premixes
The Key to Balanced Homemade Diets
Raw Diets for Dogs & Cats

Where is spring?
Keeping Busy During the Storm

Do your dogs look out the window - barking at whatever in a fit of boredom in the winter? I set out to find new ways to keep the dogs occupied this winter to help keep my sanity slightly above normal. Thin dogs on rationed diets, sitting at home all day and cuddling you at night on a couch are not really healthy dogs - physically or mentally.

Step Three: Get Moving.
I signed up for my first online learning experience at Agility-U in their course Nosework Games. I'm not completely enthralled with this type of dog sport but I am really pleased with the online learning atmosphere. I will be signing up for more courses - a trick class appeals to me a bit more I think.

Can't Get Out - Bring the Fun In!
Cyber Rally
Paws 4 Fitness
Musical Dog Sport Association Online Workshops
Do More With Your Dog - Trick Title
Dogmantics - Free Training Videos
E-Training For Dogs

Keep Fit

We do play a gentle version of fetch or tug in the house or some fun training because they need mental stimulation too. OK no mocking me; here is their favourite indoor game. First I put the dogs in a sit/stay. Next I go hide; under a table, upstairs, behind doors and then call "Find Mommy". Off they charge to find me and the small treat I hold. It takes a brave woman to admit online they spend their days playing hide and seek with their dogs. Hey, don't knock it - when you see A. your dog's love this game B. they get a good cardio workout and C. they nod off relaxed so you can watch the next Grey's Anatomy episode uninterrupted, you'll appreciate I shared my game.

Play Ball!

A friend taught my dog a different version of this game. Hide small treats and then release your dog with "Find the cookies". Off they charge, frantically sniffing out the goodies. Thinking it might put my Nosework lessons to good use I gave it a go. Oh boy, problem with this game is Kodee sits in the living room all day now staring at the couch, whining for me to hide a cookie. There is always hope your dogs are better mannered like my friend's and GET the game is over!

Hide the Cookie Game
(((Kodee! Enough!)))

Go Fetch!
Pet obesity graphic produced by Matt Beswick for Pet365. Click below to see the full size version.

Pet Obesity Infographic

January 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Caught A Thief!




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