February 28, 2010

Dog plunges off cliff chasing a seagull rescued

This poor Springer Spaniel was one minute bouncing along chasing a seagull and the next minute plunged off the edge of a cliff. Watch the lifeboat rescue this poor wet and scared dog February 14, 2010

February 16, 2010

Periodontal Disease in Small Breed Dogs

Review: The Wagging Tail: Let’s Get to the Root of the Problem – Compliance & Pet Dental Care? By Patrick Shearer, BVMS, PhD

According to Dr. Shearer, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are number 6 in a list of breeds most likely to develop periodontal disease. What's worse is the fact periodontal disease can contribute to heart disease and that's the number one health problem facing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels; a double whammy for Kodee and Becky! [More]

February 15, 2010

Westminster 2010 Dog Show!

It's that time of year; the holy grail of the dog world, 134th Westminster Kennel Club, Dog Show. Starting today February 15, 2010 and continuing through tomorrow, this is where the best of the best come to compete.

That fabulous poster to the left was designed by Artist Trish Biddle   to commemorate the 2010 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Titled "There's only one", the poster features "Stump" the 10 year old Spaniel crowd pleasing Best In Show champion from 2009. You can purchase the poster at Westminster Kennel Club's online store. [More]

February 10, 2010

Gotta Yip More on Dog Portraitures

Hey guys I just have to write more about me and my painting.... kidding!! :) Wow two blog post in 24 hours from us is unusual! But I can't help it I am all gaga over canine art now! I want to introduce you to some fine artists that I just sniffed out and yip a bit about upcoming dog art events I found!

A very talented artist Kim Ratigan that specializes in animal portraiture and nature art left a comment with great information on Becky's Possum story. Imagine my excitement when on her blog I found the cutest little Blenheim Cavalier portrait. [More]

February 9, 2010

A Painting of None Other...

Yup your seeing that right; I'm in a painting!! A very talented artist named Dominique Oboyski was inspired by a photograph she saw of me. She asked Mom if it would be alright to use my photo and Mom loving all things Kodee was thrilled to be asked.


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