February 10, 2010

Gotta Yip More on Dog Portraitures

Hey guys I just have to write more about me and my painting.... kidding!! :) Wow two blog post in 24 hours from us is unusual! But I can't help it I am all gaga over canine art now! I want to introduce you to some fine artists that I just sniffed out and yip a bit about upcoming dog art events I found!

A very talented artist Kim Ratigan that specializes in animal portraiture and nature art left a comment with great information on Becky's Possum story. Imagine my excitement when on her blog I found the cutest little Blenheim Cavalier portrait. [More]

Kim also skillfully creates the most beautiful work on horses! Our Mom used to show hunters many years ago.... like a zillion years ago from what I can tell from the pictures of her at the Royal Winter Fair :P so she spent a long time looking over Kim's beautiful works or art.

We also tracked down information on the event Art Show at the Dog Show. Definitely a ArtyDogLovin sort of oasis! Go drool over last year winners in categories such as; painting, watercolour, sketching, sculpture, prints, photography! The grand prize winner will receive $1500 and their work of art will be donated to The American Kennel Club Museum

In a dog's world the sniffing trail can lead you astray quite easily. Mom says the same holds true in the blogging ~ creative journals ~ online tell all diaries ~ Facbook updates ~ Twatting a Twitter realms. Such is the case with our Mom who found lots of canine inspired art blogs.

~ Keep Sniffing, Love Kodee

Go Fetch: More Fine Art Blogs

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Art With Bark; The place to find out about canine art
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Draw the Dog; Make Your Dog Famous
How to Draw Your Own Dog
Kay's K9: Handcrafted Miniature Felted Animals
Making a Mark; Writing About Art for Artists and Art Lovers

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Life With Dogs said...

Great recommendations!

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