January 25, 2010

Alert Mommy! Look at the big ugly thing!!

Becky here! Just today, I was sleeping in my bed in the kitchen when suddenly I looked up and saw this big thing on our fence. Whoa it was bigger than my sis Miss Kodee and UGLY TOO. I barked and barked. I don't know why Mommy was LAUGHING and getting her camera and giggling "Look it's a Possum" like we are supposed to like it?! I don't think so! [Read More]

That's just INSANE!! First we live in Ontario and it's too cold for a possum. Second it was a lot bigger then the 14 lbs they are supposed to be. Third (the freakiest) they are nocturnal and it was NOON?! OK off I went to do some research!

I found out on the Internet these are also called marsupials because they give birth to babies early in development. The babies then crawl into a pouch on their Mom's tummy to grow some more. OK I like this pouch idea and have seen dogs carried in Mommy things called purses!! My Mom won't get one for me though :(

Whoa their litters can be up to 13  babies and live in the pouch for about 2 months. Look closely at this possums tummy; looks very fat to me. Ahhhh maybe that is why it looks alot bigger than 14 pounds its supposed to be.

It says if they are scared they will just fall over and play dead. What? Are they stupid?! Well this one might have been smarter than other possums because I was barking and barking and it just kept walking slowly. At one point it even stopped and looked right at me pressed up against the patio door. I just don't get why it wasn't scared of me. Look at me now - I grew this week and think I am very tough when barking, don't you?

Hey Possum!! Get a clue bud your supposed to be sleeping because its lunch time! Being nocturnal the smart ones come out at night. I am thinking this one was sick or scared away from its home. I really hope IT'S home is NOT near MY home. Some people think possums make nice pets... NOT. I sort of feel sorry for this guy if someone had it as a pet and then just chucked it into the cold. We have had some really cold weather - much too cold for a possum to really live outside in. Here is a video I found that sort of glorifies possums into making you think they should be a pet. Wrong... wrong.... wrong....

~ Bark On, Love Becky

Go Fetch!



Juno said...

Becky, a great report. It's been cold here and we can not believe you got a pic of Possum!!!!!

Momo & Pinot

Kim Ratigan said...

Great pictures!
We live in ONT too and have backyard possums :-)
One thing that we have learned is that there is a "new" species--that of the city dweller.
Apparent wild animal (possums, raccoon, squirrels etc) that are born and live in the city environments change their ways due to the lights, noise and availability of food. We were told [by the city of Burlington] that if we were to catch our wildlife visitors, they can't be released in the wilderness 'cause they wouldn't survive--no garbage cans. You just need to deter them and hope they move on to someone else's backyard:-)

Sorry for the long 'comment' and BTW, B&K you are way, way cuter than any possum!

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