August 21, 2009

Life Through Kodee's Eyes With Becky!

Before I tell about the Toronto Tornado, let me say Becky is home!! OK lol she has been here for 10 days, but I am selfish and was having too much fun to write about it. When we first met, I was not too sure about this bouncy gal . They gave Becky a registered name of Dancing Queen - ha good pick! It took about 2 days till I would play with her but face it, she is just so darn cute not even I could resist. [More]

August 18, 2009

Lacy is the Dancing Queen

My friend Lacey is a ballerina star!! Wow can she dance! Judging from her non-stop wagging tail I'd say she just loves musical dance sport for dogs! She qualified for novice recently!! Enjoy Lacey dancing to Sandman!

You can watch her friends compete and learn more about the Musical Dog Sport Association here  [More]

August 8, 2009

The Night Before Becky Comes Home

People here keep talking about Puppy Becky - like who is this Puppy Becky? And do I care? I don't like the sounds of this! Then they showed me this stroller and said the puppy could go in it. The idea is we can still go on our hikes and adventures even though this puppy is little and can't walk very far. I don't get it? Why doesn't Mom just send this Puppy Becky home? [More]

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