August 8, 2009

The Night Before Becky Comes Home

People here keep talking about Puppy Becky - like who is this Puppy Becky? And do I care? I don't like the sounds of this! Then they showed me this stroller and said the puppy could go in it. The idea is we can still go on our hikes and adventures even though this puppy is little and can't walk very far. I don't get it? Why doesn't Mom just send this Puppy Becky home? [More]

I decided to give it a test drive - whoa it moves and I think I kind of like it! It's a Pet Gear, Special Edition Large Stroller in Sage


Everything is changing around here! They took my small crate away and gave it a bath. I was told I had a new bigger crate. It's a Midwest Crate 30X21X24. Mom put it next to her bed and took the door off. I still love my crate and like to jump off Mom's bed in the morning and go sleep in it for a while. They put a nice blanket on it and then put a clear piece of plexiglass on top of the blanket. Dad mumbled something about Mom burning the dogs with coffee if it didn't have the top!
Apparantly I have to be clean to meet this Puppy Becky so I had a bath. Everyone was so busy cleaing this and that, I was left to do my own drying! Watch this video of my unique technique! Oh and note the little snuff I give out of frustration because I was being neglected and didn't get my usual blow dry!

You'd think by now I'd be presentable for Puppy Becky -nooooo. Next I was put in the car and taken to the groomers for more beautification! I had a nail clip, and pad, ear and feather trimming.
What a big lot of fuss over this Becky Pup! I wonder if she is worth it. Someone tell me please, WHO IS THIS BECKY?
Hey but going to the groomer was worth every yelp because I hate being groomed! Mom gave me my first, ever, marrow bone!! OH YUMMY! It was worth it, even if I did have to wear a snood and looked like a pilgram.

So here is a picture of Becky - I guess she is kind of cute. I hope it's a short visit. Someone tell me, when your parents say a puppy is coming, how long do they stay?

~ Keep Sniffing, Love Kodee

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