August 21, 2009

Life Through Kodee's Eyes With Becky!

Before I tell about the Toronto Tornado, let me say Becky is home!! OK lol she has been here for 10 days, but I am selfish and was having too much fun to write about it. When we first met, I was not too sure about this bouncy gal . They gave Becky a registered name of Dancing Queen - ha good pick! It took about 2 days till I would play with her but face it, she is just so darn cute not even I could resist. [More]


She appears to have taken over many of my beds. Jeesh the lil gal does have her own bed but she insists on getting in all of mine. I have been scratching and scratching at them to get MY scent back in them umph! It took about 3 days till I let her get this close.

Finally on day 10 the lil gal has settled in nicely!! She plays with me, still steals my bed though but is letting me get my own share of balls (sometimes). I'm working on her learning to share. Becky also just loves to crawl in Mom or Dad's lap and chew on a bone. Well duh, she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and cuddling is our purpose!! I don't mind sharing because come bedtime I still get to lie on Mom's bed where as little sis gets the crate :)

Last night was kind of scary but also kind of funny! In Toronto area a Tornado (photos), (my Daughter's Blog report on the storm) touched down in Maple, Ontario. Over 600 homes were damaged and 200 totally demolished. This is not a Tornado area so it was kind of freaky!

Our lights went out while Becky was out playing. Dad was freaking as they could hear her running all over the place. I don't think she was scared - more like she was having a ball! Then Dad goes oh oh what is that smell? Ever try to find puppy boo-boo's in the dark lol. HA they got a long way to go training this gal!

~ Keep Sniffing, Love Kodee

Go Fetch! Here are a few more Becky photos!



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