August 18, 2009

Lacy is the Dancing Queen

My friend Lacey is a ballerina star!! Wow can she dance! Judging from her non-stop wagging tail I'd say she just loves musical dance sport for dogs! She qualified for novice recently!! Enjoy Lacey dancing to Sandman!

You can watch her friends compete and learn more about the Musical Dog Sport Association here  [More]

In Ontario I found two places that have workshops on Musical Freestyle. The first is Cassandra's Canines located in Caledonia (also serving Ancaster, Hamilton, and Hagersville and only 20 minutes from Brantford. This sport is becoming so popular Animal Plant introduced a new TV show Dancing with Dogs. Take look at their video online

Cassandra Hartman has over 18 years experience training in dog sports such as Musical Freestyle, Agility and Obedience Training. She is also a professional dancer and choreegrapher for Jazz, Tap and Ballet!

The second is closer to me in Bowmanville, SuperDog Central. This facilty has instruction in numerous dog sports ranging from Agility, Dock Dogs, Fly Ball and Musical Freestyle. Take a peek at my Dog Days in Scogog post for a video on Dock Dogs!

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