July 22, 2009

Splash! Jump! Catch! Dog Days of Scogog

Big dogs, little dogs, loud dogs, wet dogs; all of them gathered at the Scugog Shores Museum in Port Perry July 18 and 19 to celebrate the bond between man and his dog! It was the 7th Annual Dog Days of Scugog. Shannon Kelly the Museum's curator describes the event as an amateur dog enthusiast's event with fun and games for both owners and their dogs.

I went thinking this was Durham Region's answer to Woofstock - big mistake because they are nothing alike! Woofstock is about shopping for doggie related items till you drop! Woofstock rules as the best doggie shopping event around! Dog Days is about ACTION with your dog! They should stick to that. Their vendor section was sleeping and I give the shopping a big YAWN!

Daytripper Agility also located in the north end of Lake Scugog, put on spectacular demonstations. We watched large, strong dogs such as labradors and fast, sharp dogs like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Kodee was in love) run the course! Skyhoundz Disk Dogs were jumping high and grabbing the flying disks and Rally Obedience was also on-hand. The Canadian Kennel Club was available to test pet owner's dogs for the Canine Good Neighbours Test. This is a non-competitive test that shows handler control and animal confidence in a partnership.

Where have I been hiding? I have never heard about this dog sport until Ontario Dock Dogs SPLASHED into my world!! Definately it stole the day with their high flying leaping water dogs! I must give my husband credit for the next picture. You need a great continuous shot function like his DSLR to catch a dog moving this fast! Plus he had the advantage of not having Kodee pulling on the end of the leash!
Watch these action packed video to get an idea of the fun and endurance this new sport spouts.

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