July 10, 2009

Downward Dog For the Dogs Charity!

 Yogis get together for Live Tribal Drumming class to show support for the Humane Society of Durham Region. Top Durham Region Yoga instructors have donated their time to bring to you a special 1.5 hr class. In return they are asking you give a donation towards helping out the Durham Region Humane Society. Their facility burnt down last spring and fundraising efforts are helping to rebuild a new home for the community's animals in need.

Sunday October 25 - 9am!
Oshawa Centre Lululemon Athletica

Participating Yoga Teachers:
Richelle Morgan - Bodysculpt Fitness + Yoga
Suzzanne Hennig - P3 Yoga and Pilates
LeeAnne Norwell - Transformations Yoga
Nancy Lais - freelance yoga teacher
Gerald Heydens - Balanced Life Yoga

P.S. I Love Yoga Too!!
Every time Mom gets out the yoga mat, I just run to it. I love to crawl under her during downward dog and bridge! I am not sure why, but she doesnt seem to appreciate my making this a group event and bonding moment. Thankfully, Mom doesnt mind when I snuggle her during Savasana. Mom goes to Balanced Life Yoga check it out!

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