July 6, 2009

Music To Calm |Your Dog

We were over at Parkwood Estate in Oshawa for the annual Peony Festival (peek at my photos http://www.fetchphotos.blogspot.com/ :P ). I'm sorry to say this is one day-trip poor Miss Kodee wasn't allowed to join us on. I did however sniff out one doggy item that day! Through a Dog's Ear: Music to Calm Your Canine Companion
is a CD of classical music clinically tested on over 150 dogs. The music calms anxious dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, nervousness during storms, excitement with visitors etc.

We had a friend get this CD and I must admit I thought "okayyyyy" *insert roll eyes*. When I saw the CD and read the back of it I decided to give it a try. Now don't I look silly for not believing my friend! The very first time I used it I noticed she was still happy I came home but not that frantic "must get to Mommy" and then pounce on me state. That was enough to tell me it works!! I dont use it every time I go out as I dont want her becoming deaf to it's effects.

The CD explains that they tested the music on rescue dogs in shelters. Research shows the same psychoacoustic principals that apply to humans works on animals. Makes sense. In 2002 a psychologist and animal behaviourist Deborah Wells determined "classical music resulted in dogs spending more of their time resting han any of the other experimental conditions of auditory stimulation. This type of music also significantly lower level of barking".

I wonder if this tape can soften Kodee's bark when squirrels are abundant on the fence? If it does do you have any idea how much money the creators will make lol

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