November 4, 2010

The ROYAList of Cavaliers; More Than a Pretty Face

Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels excel in so many ways. Most people think of them as "Lap Dogs". True, a Cavalier will always make itself at home on the nearest lap, but they are so much more! Don't forget they are also descendants of the Spaniel. True to their heritage, Cavaliers have an excellent sense of scent, they are quick on their toes, graceful movers who can whip up a zoom in a moments notice. People not really familiar with this breed, make the assumption they are low key, low energy, low motivated dogs. So NOT true! [Read More... ] 

Musing 3: The ROYAList of Cavaliers; MOre Than A Pretty Face

1. Compassionate Souls!
Cavaliers are an intelligent breed with an incredible ability to sense our moods, making them top therapy dogs. They zero in to provide companionship to a lonely senior, lay close to comfort the sick or trauma victims and they also are cheerful reading buddies.

2. More Than Just a Cute Snout
Tracking requires a willing body, sharp mind and acute sense of smell. Austin is a Cavalier with all that, and then some! Austin was the first toy dog to be awarded a championship. He currently lives in Thunder Bay, Canada where he is still tracking along!

3. Small But Mighty
Cavaliers are small but mighty dogs. They may not be the fastest dogs, but their compact body and good bone structure give them an edge to spin on a dime when needed! Or at least Lia does! An amazing little dog that just wants to have fun, please her owner and get to the finish line in record time.

4. If You Got It, Flaunt It!
With 1,000 Plus, Subscribers on YouTube, Winston deserves an honourable mention!

5. Fame! Canine Style
Freestyle Canine Dance and Heel to Music; Where Dancing Stars are or the Canine Variety. Cavaliers command the audience attention with their flowing movement, quick to learn nature and star attitude!

6. Annoying! Excuse me?
Rex Reagan. That's right, as in Ronald and Nancy Reagan's blenheim Cavalier is listed at the website "Am I Annoying". Check out Rex's page and see if you think he warrants the 64.5% rating (as of Nov 6, 2010) he was given. Really, Rex is nothing short of fabulous darlings! Just ask Zsa Zsa Gabor who hosted Rex's doghouse dedication celebration. Wait, that just might quality Rex ol' boy as annoying!

7. Hunting Spaniels All the Way
I just tripped on this in my Facebook feed and had to add it! OK so its a week after I made this entry, but it's so appropriate, I just had to add it to my list! Read all about a ruby Cavalier that hunts and watch a video of it retrieving a Canada Goose. It's like this with Cavaliers "Couch zzzz..... What's that? Squirrel? Bird? Zooooommmmm ARF ARF"

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