November 21, 2010

Why Mom Why?!

Hey guys! I entered myself in a photo contest. It was titled "Dogs in Winter Coats". Seriously what was mom thinking! Dressing a dog in a parka! I will never live this down at the next dog event... oh the shame of it all! Take a peek at how silly I look!
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Pretty humiliating guys! What I do for my Mom!

OK Mom said this is important to her. What Mom wants, I want! So I am asking you to get crack'n and vote! You can vote once a day throughout the competition. Go HERE and vote for me if you think my photograph is worthy and click the number 10! Leave me a comment here and your own link to your photo if you decide to also enter! Then I can vote for you too! May the best looking or the silliest doggy coat win! Also look about the other contests and there are new ones each week. They are giving Ipads, snowblower and MORE!!

~ Bark On, Love Becky


Kristine said...

Yay! I voted, I hope you win. It'll make all that "torture" worth your while. Your picture is by far the cutest.

houndstooth said...

Silly?! What? I love my coat! It keeps me nice and toasty warm so I can still get out in the wintertime. I'll vote for you!


Rouky said...

You look really good Becky! I just voted and I'll vote for you every day. Promise!

Sammy the Cavalier said...

I think you look adorable!

Debbie said...

Love it - We'll vote every day

Luv Max and Rylie

Chewy said...

yes i know what you mean....but you do look cute in the coat.

Soggibottom said...

I have coats :-)
But you have beauty over my age :-)
I did however, manage to get my paws on the voting button :-) x x x
lots of love Amie Soto Blossom x

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