November 11, 2010

Strattfordshire Dogs Come in 2's. How About Your CKCS Household?

I wonder if in the 18th century people already knew of a CKCS's desire to be in multiples? Upon getting Kodee, my breeder warned me, I'd get another. I scoffed. Not me, I have never owned more than one dog at a time. Yes, and I had also only owned Labrador Retrievers and one crazed Doberman. The Doberman is a whole nother story!

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Musing 4: Strattfordshire Dogs Come in 2's. How About Your CKCS Household?

 "Staffordshire dogs have become one of the most popular pieces of collectible ceramics in recent years. For those interested in Victoriana, nothing quite exemplifies it as these spaniels, originally created to be displayed on fireplace mantels during the Victorian Era from the 1840s through the 1890s.

Staffordshire potters modeled their figures after dogs known as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, named for King Charles II of England who was constantly surrounded by these merry little dogs and gave them free run at court. His opponents accused the King of "Playing with his dogs all the while, and not minding his business." Lord Rochester made this poetic observation, "His very dog at Council Board, sits grave and wise as any Lord." ~ Bob Brook

Let's deviate for a moment.

Picture this: I get first place in the Hunter Classic at a Montreal horseshow - sister lovingly picks up my prize money - decides that big cash win is just what she needs to purchase an inbred,  6 week old puppy travelling the Quebec horseshow circuit in an expen with it's littermates. We named him Gucci. That is the upside of that story - it went quickly downhill from there. See my rant on "ethical breeding" for my thoughts there.

Back to Cavaliers. Fast forward 3 years and Miz Becky arrived in all her spunky splendor! What happened? I would not classify a CKCS as a needy, anxiety pocessed dog. It's not that they have to have another companion, it's that they beg for one. Yes, they sulk when left alone too much. Reality is, we can't resist a CKCS's eyes pleading for a cuddle partner!

Best Friends Forever

Cavalier's are often seen in pairs. Certainly though they are not exclusive to this habit. How I see it in my neighbourhood is, it's not a Cavalier thing, it's a small to mid sized dog thing. Double leashes everywhere. Maltese, Yorkies, Shitzu.

I must admit I was struck dumb when the Vet Tec at my animal hospital announced "OH why is it YOU Cavalier owners must always have more than one. What is it you people like to say... Cavaliers are just like potatoe chips, you can't have just one." Well, really I found the conversation a little bit condesending! When I got home I found myself irrated and remembered their website had a page on the people that worked their with their pets. HA! Each Vet, Vet Tec, receptionist and office manager all had MORE than one dog... I should have replied "What is it about people in animal health care.. you have to have one of each breed."

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