April 27, 2009

Splashing in the Otonabee River!

Today we scooted over to Peterborough, Ontario to stroll along the Otonabee River in Millennium Park. Originally it was called the Nogojiwanong River which in Ojibway First Nations means the foot of the rapids. Otonabee also comes from the Ojibway language meaning "flashing waters running fast".

It was here I met an amazing water-dog named Wallis - the Otonabee of dogs! This boy displayed superman strength as he splashed through the water to fetch a stick! Be still my heart watching this man of steel! Gosh I am a water loving spaniel I told Mom. I've just GOT to jump in, right? Apparantly this made her laugh - something about the Diva sinking. So not amusing Mom. *Click the photo's to enlarge!

One minute we were walking through the busy downtown core and the next we entered this sanctuary brimming with colourful gardens; The Steve Chiasson Children's Pond and the Breaved Famlies Butterfly Garden. Along the river bank is a winding paved path that is adorned with statues, sculptures, historical information placed on signage and dedicated plants, trees and garden benches.

I learned that in 1818 Adam Scott was the first settler on the west shore of the Otonabee River. Here the canoe building business took hold and was prosperous for many years. Today, Peterborough even has a Canoe Museum where many original canoes are on display. I learned Peterborough was first inhabitated by Irish immigrants which intrigued me as alot of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels live in Ireland. Today Peterborough celebrates their Celtic Heritage through story telling, dance and folksong events.

Then I saw these guys having a nice swim too. Everybody is swimming but me and it sort of ticked me off. So I got grumpy. Hehee see what happens when a shrill barking dog lets loose! A nice end to a perfect day ;)

Now no day-trip is complete without using amacro len's photo or two.

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