December 3, 2010

Kodee's 4th Birthday!

Party! On December 3 we celebrated Miss Kodee's 4th Birthday! I promised Mom I'd be extra good. Really, I did try. It's just her present looked so yummy. Oh the shame, you'll see in the video below what happened.

First we want to thank Holly our blog friend for stopping by and remembering Kodee's birthday! Holly also turned 4 earlier this week so be sure to go wish her a Happy Birthday too!

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Mom picked up some marrow bones and beef knuckles instead of cake! Suits us fine! But as Cavaliers we have very long ears. They drag on the ground, get food stuck in them and often tangle. So like other long earred dogs we wear what is called a "snood". Ugh, silly little pilgrim hats! They do the job though, so if you need one, check out our friend Embee Cavaliers blog because she makes the BEST snoods.
Ok confession time. I am a pig. I admit it. I share toys really well. I share Mom really well. Food, bones, deer antlers... *sigh*,  not so much. I get a little snarly. This is what happens. Kodee and I will be chewing our own bones. Suddenly, all I can smell is HER bone. Doesn't matter I have my own. HER bone smells better. I get this idea I want to taste Kodee's bone. Then, I want both. I know, piggy me. So what happens is, I crawl on my belly till I am really close to her face - like an inch away, and do a low growl. Kodee is VERY confident. She doesn't even look at me. So insulting! Mom on the other hand does notice me *opps* Off to jail I go! Ya I know, so silly. Here I am in a video whining at Kodee across the room because I want her bone. I'm so embarrassed to admit, I have my very own in my bed. But NOOO I want hers. I tell you it does taste better!

~ Bark On, Love Becky


Art and Sew Forth said...

Happy Birthday Kodee! It's hard to practice that golden rule isn't it, Becky?

Zona said...

HAPPY BIRFDAY, KODEE! I see you had a great pawty... despite.. well.. someone's time out. BOL


Traci said...

How funny - Looks like a wonderful birthday!

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Happy Birthday dear Kodee!!! We think it's great that we are the same age and only a few days apart on the birthdays!! We hope you had a great day!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

Remington said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with tons of treats and lots and lots of hugs!

houndstooth said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Kodee!

Tee hee! That is the saddest display over a bone that I've ever seen!

I think your snoods look cute!


FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

At least you didn't get into a snarl 'cause your Mom stepped in and separated y'all first.

Don't worry, you'll live it down!

Hawk aka BrownDog

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Kodee! Look likes you had a *yummy* birthday - hee! hee!

You know, Becky - don't feel bad. I think a lot of dogs go a bit doollaly when there's a bone involved. Like me - I was always really submissive to my kitty sister, Lemon and whenever she even just used to LOOK at me, I would get off my bed and let her on it...coz you know, kitties are ALWAYS THE BOSS! And if you value your life, you know it! But the ONLY time in my life I have EVER growled at Lemon was when she came too close to me when I was chewing my bone! My humans say she just wants to sniff it but huh - I don't believe it! You know how sneaky kitties are and she was always taking things off me and my humans AlWAYS side with her!

So yeah - I don't blame you for getting a bit - er - single-minded! Hee! Hee!

Honey the Great Dane

jen said...

Stopping by on the blog hop to say hello.
Happy Birthday Kodee:)


Rouky said...

This post is so funny! And mom thought that I am a big baby! I'm not the only one, it seems!

Happy birthday dear Kodee! You look wonderful in all your pictures, even the one with the snood.

Big hugs and tons of kisses!

Rouky and Sophie

MB (Embee Cavaliers) said...

Happy Birthday Kodee! Becky you know better but you are adorable. I of course love the snoods. I might be a bit biased about that though!

Soggibottom said...

With love from Amie Soto Blossom ....
Hope you had a really great birthday Kodee.... Four.... young pup :-)
lots of love Ames X X X

Terrorzinhos said...

Happy birthday!
We hope you got lot's of presents and a big cake!

sara said...

Happy Happy Barkday, Kodee! It's hard to believe you're already 4 years old! It's crazy how time flies, huh? :) I'm glad to have met you and glad to get to meet up with you!!! :) Big hugs and kisses! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy be-lated birthday Kodee! It looks like you celebrated in style. :-)

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