June 6, 2010

Woofing About Turning One Today!

 Once upon a time a little spunky mischievous girl entered the world with a *thud*. 

I can't believe it! I've been around this world one whole year! Yup, June 7, 2009 my Dad Geordie got a big ol' mad crush on the beautiful Reese, my doggie Mom. They fell in love and I was born along with 3 sisters and one brother. I visit my Dad's home on Mondays and tomorrow I think he needs to come outside while I am training to wish me a Happy Birthday
<3 You Dad (even if you are fickle and have millions of girlfriends - OH MY)

Didn't Mom and Dad produce the cutest lil bunch of Cavaliers! I still love my litter mates. I get to see one of my sisters Deena on Mondays at training class. She pukes in her Mom's car too *snicker*. She should read my story on carsickness and try some of my remedies that work great for me ;)

I am planning a way to get a visit in this summer with my other two sisters!

Dogster sent me a birthday card. Do you know 2264 other pups share their birthday on Dogster's birthday scroll with me. Not sure if that makes the card special or just de-personalized. 0.O

I am a lucky pup. My Mom picked a very special home for me. I am as spoiled as they come. But the best thing about my forever home is this......
Life just wouldn't be the same without my big sister Kodee!


Cavaliers Corner said...

Your baby photos are just so cute! As I always say Cavaliers are "Forever Puppies" so you'll always stay just as cute no matter how old you get.

MB (Embee Cavaliers) said...

Happy Birthday Becky! You are definitely one special little girl. Hope you are ready to work tomorrow even though its your birthday. Work first and then you can have a romp around with your favourite boys!

Rouky said...

Happy birthday dear Becky! You are so cute on these pictures. I think I have a crush!

Did you know that we were born one day apart? My birthday is June 6th (mom, prepare my blog post please!)!

Bonne fête ma chère!

Soggibottom said...

Very Happy birthday Becky...
hope you loads of good things, chews and stuff :-)
x x x love Amie Soto Blossom

DawgBlogger said...

Aww ... Happy Birthday!!!

Traci said...

What a wonderful reason to celebrate! THose puppy pictures make me swoon!

Erin said...

Aww Happy Birthday!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Becky!! Oh my goodness - that picture of you with your littermates - SQUEEEEEE! You have to be the cutest puppies ever!!

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