May 29, 2010

Winston: A Disabled but Spunky Corgi on Wheels

It's a glorious Saturday in Ontario, Canada!! Much to nice to be stuck inside. I had a wonderful post (on doggie shopping and anniversary presents) almost ready to *click into cyberspace*. Sorry folks the sunbeams are screaming my name to come out to play in the garden. So here is a quicky but so inspirational story instead. Meet Winston: a disabled but spunky Corgi for the 4th ever, Saturday Pet Blogger Hop
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Winston has done more then most dogs (and their owners); he was a superstar at agility with a late start at the age of 7. This talented Welsh Corgi then went on to tap his toes in Canine Freestyle Dance.

Horror struck Winston on a winter day when he slipped on a piece of ice on the way to the barn. Sadly, his injuries could not be fixed through surgery. Winston's owners were so pleased to be introduced to Eddie's Wheels; Help for Handicapped Pets.

Ed and Leslie Grinnell have been living with dogs with disabilities for 20 years. Our own dogs, together with the hundreds of disabled dogs whom we have personally measured and fitted in their carts each year, have been our inspiration. They have taught us how to meet the challenges of providing our disabled soul companions with the equipment and the care they need to lead a “dog's life”.
Don't stop reading here. KEEP GOING... for the best part! Take a scoot over to Eddie's Wheels website and read about the many inspirational stories of animals that have suffered injuries but with the help of this apparatus they have come back to be able to move and thrive again.

Stay turned in a day or two to see my original post on the most stylish, chic doggie poop bag holder and my 27/27 Anniversary!

~ Ramblings by Debbie

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♥ Sallie said...

Yay Blog Hop!

sara said...

I love Winston's Wheels! That's so cool!! Winston is such a cutie.. I still am looking forward to the doggy shopping blog though.. haha are you surprised? ;) We need to get together so I can let you try out those snoods one of these days! It's been forever. I think there were a few other things?

I am burned to a crisp today :( I went out weeding and OUCH!

RYC: The AC is on, but heat rises :( boo. I did fetch the fan last night and both won.. Faith won for being cooler and Avi for something drowning out the snoring. I am so glad I grew up with a snoring dad so nothing bugs me :P

The Dreaded B.. i'll give you a hint.. We think they smell wonderful, they think they smell awful :P Speaking of, vellus dude is way out in the boonies in June in Hamilton and Erie. Do you remember how much shipping was from him? Is it reasonable? I might just order the satin cream that way! I thought about ordering a sample pack, but I could get a whole big jar of cream for what it would cost so I scratched that out ;) Ok ok I disgress, back to homework time :(

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