May 9, 2010

Sheesh! Does Your Dog Yip Yap During Dog Movies!

Everyone has seen Hachi: A Dog's Tale, starring Richard Gere. I am probably the last to watch it. Why? Well, I can tell you, it was NOT lack of desire! It was pure fear. FEAR Miss Kodee and Miss Becky would make hearing anything impossible. How many of you have dogs that bark at each and every animal sound that comes through the TV? Yes, we have those kind of pooches! Have a look at just how loud Miz Becky woofed. [Read More...]

If you haven't seen Hachi: A Dog's Tale it's a fictionalized, western version of a true story about a dog named Hachiko. In the movie Hachi is a Japanese Akita and lives in the United States. The real Akita is actually called Hachiko. He was found by a Tokyo University professor named Eisaburo Ueno in 1924. Hachiko appropriately means, "faithful dog". Ueno worked at the University of Tokyo as a Professor in the Agriculture department. Everyday Hachiko would travel to the Shibuya Station and with great devotion, wait for his owner to appear from the doors. In 1925 Ueno suffered a massive stroke and died. For the next 9 years Hachiko holds a vigil waiting for his master to return to the train station. Each day when he hears the trains whistle he heads to the station and stares at the doors waiting for his master to appear. Sadly, Hachiko died with a fixed gaze on those very doors hoping to see Ueno one last time. It's comforting to think they might now be reunited once again.

A Photograph of the Real Hachiko

As word travelled about Hachiko spirit, the community began to retell his story to illustrate the kind of loyalty we should all strive for. In 1934 a bronze statue of Hachiko was erected at the Tokyo station. Hachiko was even present at the unveiling. He died the next year and his remains were stuffed and are still on display at the National Science Museum of Japan in Ueno, Tokyo.

Note: The Easy Walker appears to have been designed in 1924 from looking at Hachiko harness! Love the charm in front!

Hachiko at the National Science Museum of Japan

Then during World War II it was necessary for the statue to be melted down to help assist in the war effort. The local residents took up a petition after the war and were granted the funds to have another statue made.

The Second Bronze Statue of Hachiko

Hachiko is still honoured today, at a ceremony held in April at Tokyo's Shibuta railroad station where hundreds of dog lovers gather to pay honour to a dog's unrelenting devotion to his master.

OK Miss Kodee and Miz Becky, if your reading this, watch the next video. This is how you are supposed to act when a dog is on TV! Take Note!

~ Rambling by Debbie

Go Fetch: Hachiko: The True Story of The Royal Dogs of Japan and One Faithful Akita


Cavaliers Corner said...

Oh Yeah!!! We can relate to that. Did you see our post of March 30th about Watching TV. Marley is the worst. He will actually climb in behind the TV in the entertainment unit to look where the dogs have gone when they leave the screen. His favourite is 101 Dalmations with Glenn Close. So funny to see your dogs doing the same.

We haven't heard of that movie over here yet. Must find out if it's available. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

Remington said...

Great post! That video is SO cute! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

Cute video. Our weiner dog gets really excited when there are dogs barking on TV.

Unknown said...

I've always loved the Hachiko story - very moving and touching.

That video is hilarious! ;-) I have to say, I am constantly grateful that Honey is such a quiet dog...she is practically mute! We actually had to TEACH her to bark when people came to our front door! :-)


Juno said...

We have to bark to all animals on TV! :D :D

Ahhh.. Dad got a DVD of Hachi so we watched it together. We can still cry...... can you give us a box of Kleenex, please?

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