March 15, 2010

More Possums! But Hey These Ones Are CUTE!

Today on the way home from our walk Mommy went to the big box where lots of envelopes are stored. She pulled out a big, plain, brown wrapped package. For whatever reason, this excited her and she exclaimed "EEKK". Next thing I knew, Mommy tugged sharply on my leash and said "hurry, hurry" because she wanted to go home. Well, REALLY! Clearly I was not done enjoying scents on a pole here and a curb there.
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A while ago, a friend of Mommy's told her to expect a surprise in the mail. The return address said this was it!! Kodee and I sniffed it all over and let me tell you, nothing yummy was inside, umph! See Kodee? She is whispering to me "take it, run". Honestly, it crossed my mind. But then I remembered Mom doesn't like that much. I think Kodee just wanted to see me get in trouble again.

Mom says this nice Cavalier loving lady has a company called Day Dog Designs. Hey wait.... I remember this lady!! When I first came here to live she sent another package Mommy squeaked over!! It had a harness in it and Day Dog Designs was generously donating it to the Downtown Cavalier Playday in Toronto. In fact Day Dog Designs donates a lot of things and she must be a very compassionate human. With every sale she makes, her company donates $2.00 to charities she loves.

 Canine Companions for Independence® - Providing assistance dogs.
 Paw Pals Assistance Dogs -Obtain and train assistant canine helpers serving people in need.

Take a look at the special halti style leader Day Dog Design makes using soft webbing or suede with cheerful ribbon. The assistance dogs at Paw Pals love them and all wear them!

Day Dog Designs also make matching collars, leads, step in harnesses and tag changers. OHH Mom said she ordered us this week nice soft cable knit sweaters for us to wear from this nice lady!! When we hike through the woods all the leaves and sticks get stuck on us. These sweaters will be great to keep us clean. Face it we will also look smashing in them :) 

Wait. Mom told our human sisters to come read this and see a surprise lol. Look how much I made them read - gotcha. OK here is your surprise. The nice lady from Day Dog Designs saw my Possum story - ya know that BIG UGLY THING ON MY FENCE. She thought it was cute and my human sisters thought it was cute. So since they are the ONLY people who think possums are cute she made them a surprise from possum fabric. OK sissies here is your surprise!! Now off to Facebook you go to thank this lovely lady for sending you these beautiful purses! Spread the word gals to your dog pals about Day Dog Designs too!

~ Bark On, Love Becky

Go Fetch! The sister company to Day Dog Designs, Rainy Day Ribbons


sara said...

Hey what cute purses! They are adorable :) See I was good at keeping my secret I didn't let out a peep! I knew they were going to be made for you long ago! Shh don't tell your daughters but I think their original purpose was to hold poop ;) LOL I love daydog - the nice lady is such .. well.. a nice lady! I'm glad I stayed up and waited for this blog - it made my day and made me smile.. Love the sweaters! Too bad right now I am having a hard time with the THOUSANDS I have spent on vet bills this month :( Whimper.. Ok well goodnight!

Erica Vojnich said...

What adorable purses! The print is just so cute! Great surprise to get in the mail :)

Juno said...

Miss Kodee and Becky! What a great surprise!! Our mom also thought your possum story was cute! :) Please say thank you to this nice lady to donate goodies to Downtown Playday. It was pawsome!

Momo & Pinot

Lauren @ See Lauren Write said...

Oooooooooohhhhh I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much to your friend!!!! So cute - can't wait to see it in person!! I love the fabric used on the inside too.. and tell me... WHERE did she find possum fabric!??!!?!?!?!? haha! Adorable. ♥ ♥

Unknown said...

Hi Miss Kodee & Miss Becky! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

Wow - you guys got some great stuff! I especially love the cable-knit sweaters - they look SOOOOO comfy! Am always so jealous coz they never make cute things like that for BIG dogs!

Yes, that Cavalier in the photos is called Tully and she is a dancing doggie! She actually came first in her class, which is really great! My human didn't take any video that day but she did take a bit of Tully dancing when we went to our doggie dancing camp back in Jan - so if you're interested, you can go to that post and watch that video to see Tully doing her dance moves. ( Next time we go to a competition and Tully is competing, I will ask my human to film her especially for you guys!

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