August 20, 2011

Call Me Stupid!

Say What? I am not supposed to call my dog breed a Cav? Who says? Why not? Oh dear. Why must I always be so difficult and discuss these things publicly. Sorry, but...

Someone started a Facebook Group to tell those of us that do - we are wrong. Oh oh... you see the real problem here don't you? Someone told me I was wrong!!

Seriously though, I am perplexed as why some Cavalier owners take offense to the breed name being shortened. The correct name is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and not be confused with King Charles Spaniel. Cavs is like a nickname. Good grief - I swear, all the cool kids do it!

Newfoundland = Newfies
Yorkshire Terrier = Yorkies
Labrador Retrievers = Labs
West Highland Terrier = Westies

I have another little blog called "Cavs Speak". I swear I choose that name simply in defiance over the Facebook group. Oh the rebel in me. This is why I use the word Cav. To me it sounds like a spunky, small, full of character, name. That is exactly how I view my two crazy but oh so lovable Cavaliers. Cavs. It just suits them.

Why do I have another blog anyways? First, the reason I make my little inspirational posters is because when I look over my photographs I am always reminded of what I was doing or thinking when I took it or how my dogs were acting at that moment. It's my way of preserving the moment a little longer. That and the graphic nerd in me likes to play with type and layouts.

But hey did I really need a whole new blog to do that? Couldn't I just post them here? There is a very valid reason I have Cavs Speak as a separate blog. It's very deep... its because I like the black and white banner I made. Simple as that.

So what I want to know is; 1. does your breed have a nickname 2. does it offend you if people use it.


Kathy said...

I don't have a dog now but my previous breed was Cavaliers. I don't believe I ever called them Cavs but I certainly wouldn't be offended by it. It's your dogs, call them whatever you want. Call them Wandas or Charlies. It's your right!

BZ Dogs said...

I like "Cavs" (the name and the breed) and have no idea why anyone would take offense by it. Geez - some people need more to do with their time.

I suppose you could go with their acronym (CKCS) and call them "chicks". :)

The only nickname I've heard for Golden Retrievers is Goldens, and I use it all the time.

Edie said...

Some people really need to get a life! I like the term "Cavs" -- sounds spunky and fun, like you said, and rhymes with "haves," which is positive.

I would probably irritated enough to start a blog to spite someone too!

Stewey said...

Love the nickname "Cavs"! What is wrong with people?

♥I am Holly♥ said...

If that is all some people are upset about, they need to look at the news! And really worry!! I called my last dog a Cocker....not an American Cocker Spaniel and with Holly...she's a mix of Cocker and Golden, Shepherd, Husky, Collie, who knows what...wonder what I should call her to be correct!!! Silly people! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

I think "cavs" is fitting, but I did have an owner scold me for using it in reference to her adorable little dog. Oops! I've heard people get upset at calling pit bulls "pitties" since they apparently don't need pity, they need support... or something... and I call Parker a schnauzie since he isn't a schnauzer exactly, but isn't a schnoodle either. I don't think that one is going to catch on any time soon though.

Tina said...

My vet calls my dog a "charlie" which I fell in love with because it just sounds like a best bud kind of a name. I actually prefer "cavs" though because I feel super pretentious saying "cavalier king charles spaniel" every time someone asks me what kind of dog I have.

houndstooth said...

I think Cavs sounds rather cute and appealing. If I had one, I'd probably use the name, too!

Greyhounds are often called Greys or Hounds and nobody seems to mind that a bit.

Monaco said...

Well I dont see what is to say against Cavs, I mean Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is quite a long name!

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

I think it's funny to tell people the pups are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, their face just drops and it cracks me up.LOL I don't have a problem with Cav's, but just personal opinion is I don't like Cavies. I don't really know why, no reason I guess, just personal preference. I do have to say I don't think I'll be starting a FB book page to speak out against any nick names though.LOL This was a funny post! Thanks!

Debbie said...

I call my guys Cavs. When someone asks their breed I usually say Cavalier because if I say Cavalier King Charles Spaniel I find people's eyes tend to glaze over lol.

jen said...

I love your other blog, the header is great!
I prefer to call the Newfoundlands Newfies, it is easier for other people to pronounce.
And I'm with you, if people tell me that I am doing something wrong I will more often than not do it more just to irritate them!

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

Hi There,

I don't understand why people get upset about some of the things they do, but hey, I'm just a Dog!

I like your nickname, maybe you could even be called 'Cute Cavs'?

I'm a Bearded Collie and we're called Beardies for short, I love this name and I'm not aware of anyone who doesn't - people say we're bouncing Beardies, cos we're full of fun!

Hope you're having a fun day,

Your pal Snoopy :)

AnnieMac said...

say what? It only bothers me to read someone calling them king charles cavaliers. I like what katie said about telling people when the ask what kind of dog is that, they are a cavalier king charles spaniel. I just follow it up by saying a small spaniel.
The name seems so long and formal so cavs, cavaliers whatever does it really matter?

Go on kodee tell them CAVS SPEAK :)

Kristin G. said...

People can really get worked up over small things, can't they? Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a lot to say in passing, every day conversation. It seems natural that it would be shortened a bit, but I'm sure it's nothing more than that.

Greyhounds are called greys, hounds, houndies, etc. Sometimes I call Xander, one of our whippets, a whimpet. It suits his wimpy nature sometimes. :)

Vicky said...

My dog is a mutt of the very muttiest sort, so there isn't really a nickname for him. I've always called CKCs, "CKCs", for lack of a better name, but you're so cute I'll call you whatever you like!

Rouky said...

You know I am all with you on this subject. I often call my dogs "cavaliers" and I'm fine with this... and both of thema re too! Cavs or cavis doesn't really work in French...

Pup Fan said...

I would never have imagined that a nickname would cause so much trouble!

Anonymous said...

We love our Cavaliers (Cavs) for who they are. They bring so much into our lives and I do agree with you. It is your personal preference and people should be respectful of your choice.

Like you, I often refer when asked (a Cav).

We are blessed with such loyal and loving companions.

Juno said...

Well.... our blog name is Cavs' diary. Cav(s), Cavalier, CKCS... all work just fine with us.

Momo, Pinot and mom

Sarah said...

I think the nickname is adorable - and practical! "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel" is kind of a mouthful.

My dogs are pit bulls, and they get called pitties, bullies, pibbles...I love nicknames!

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