April 6, 2010

Signs of Spring

Take a deep breath. Do ya smell it? Let those interesting smells travel through your nose and fill up your lungs! I smelt yummy worms, wet grass, bunny droppings, a dead mouse and a red squirrel prowling our property. Mom says you might not have the same appreciation for the signs of spring I identify with ;) [Read More...]

Ahh spring time! That means longer and more adventurous outings to exciting places like the beach, conservation parks and neighbouring communities. Let me tell you about the signs of spring we found in the last few weeks! Yup I even got a picture of me finding that smell I told you about – the dead mouse *eek*.

It all began with Kodee and me hearing noises outside our front window. We ran to investigate. Whoa that's when we saw all the snow melted and children giggling while skipping down the street. We noticed the flowers peaking out of the dirt, chipmunks eating yummy peanuts and a little bird peaking out of the bird house in our tree! Oh Ya! Spring has arrived! Ha! That also means Miss Kodee must wear her silly raincoat lol. It’s a special coat that covers her white legs to keep them clean. I just love how silly she looks. *Snicker* my coat has special powers; you can't tell I'm wearing it - or hardly. THANK YOU Mummy and Daddy for my lush black and tan coat sparing me the humiliation my sister must endure.

After much begging we convinced our humans to take us for our first spring time hiking adventure! We drove to a beach in Ajax since I had never seen a beach before. What fascinating smells! The sand felt good between my toes, there were stinky fish smells and to Kodee's delight, loads of crunchy pinecones. Anyone who knows Kodee knows she is OBSESSED with pinecones. Mom says she has guarding issues over them. That means she is one nasty gal if you get too close to her pinecone. Whatever, I am not interested in them - I prefer meatier things lol. That's right I am working up to that dead mouse picture now.

So picture this; Kodee and I running down the beach, sand flying everywhere and Mom taking our picture from the other end of the beach. Kodee kept making little wimpy sounds but no one knew why. When Mom got home and looked closely at the pictures she saw loads of sand flying up in our faces. Miss Kodee was protesting how it smacked when it hit our eyes. NOT ME!! You can tell from the photos I had my mind on something I smelt a long way off! Mom likes to say "Becky is ALL Spaniel".

I smell it. I lock eye contact. I go for it. I GOT it!

Not to worry!! I made it up to Mom!! To compensate, I decided to eat something she loved. She kept saying her tulips were pretty and smelled lovely!! So I ate one just for her!

~ Bark On, Love Becky


sara said...

LOL! This entry made me laugh.. it's so funny@! GO BECKY for eating dead mice and making it up with Tulips - hahah ;) Kodee still is adorable in her "silly coat" mama ;)

Annie said...

My ma and I loved reading your blog. Thank You! Beautiful signs of spring at last and lovely walks on the beach! I must check out 'Tulip Starter' followed by 'Salted Mouse' for main course! BOL!

Juno said...

Miss Kodee and Mz Becky, your post is so funny and your cute pictures make us smile!! Ahhhhh it's so nice to smell spring, isn't it? Mz Becky, did you eat your mom's favourite tulip?? Goooooood job! :D :D

Our mom loves your coats which covers all over you. We have many coats but she thinks yours is the best!

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