April 13, 2010

Pup-arazzi Photo Tips

I stumbled across a fun, dog loving film masters website called The Dog Files. It's the creative genius of Kenn Bell who combines his professional skills as a filmmaker with his love of dogs. Dog Files creates educational, funny and creative videos on obviously DOGS. It was here I found the helpful video "Pup-arazzi Photo Tips" featuring Jeff Tisman. The video gives good advice on how to get the best from your own efforts photographing your dog.
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Being an amateur photographer I was blown away with Jeff's work on not just dogs and wolves but also weddings. He is a creative and talented guy so definitely take a minute to look through his work. Jeff also has a blog (scroll down to one of Jeff's earlier entries for the most amazing wolf photos).

Jeff started out photographing in the fashion world and doing portrait work in the entertainment industry. His work has been featured in Rolling Stones, Time, Entertainment Weekly! One day a friend requested Jeff photograph his wedding but they didn't want the usual - they wanted a whole new direction in wedding photography. Wow is all I have to say; I just love the creativity Jeff puts into his work - you must go have a look.

But what naturally caught my eye was Jeff's love of dogs and his passion for wolves. Showing a dedication to his causes, Jeff makes a donation to Defenders of Wildlife, Wolf Haven International or International Wolf Centre with each wedding he photographs.

Go Fetch! Dog Files video on Pup-arazzi Photo Tips


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the Dog Files Video! Glad you enjoyed it!

Kenn Bell
Dog Files

Unknown said...

Thanks SO much for sharing that! As someone who loves taking photos of her dog, I really appreciate those tips!


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