January 16, 2012

Are You Hurting Your Dog Without Even Knowing It?

Vaccination Dangers for Small & Medium Sized Dogs 

I know lots of information is out there on vaccination reactions and risks - still, I do come across pet owners who are not aware of the risks of over vaccinations or how to best minimize a reaction occurance. Even if you have read it before - like me often, I still found it valuable to revisit the information in this video.

A MUST watch video. Come on, it's 6 minutes that may save a dogs life. Can you spare it?

The video may be tailored to small/mid sized dogs but don't let that deter you - it has great information of risks for breeds of all sizes.

Increased Risk of Vaccination Reactions
  • 1-3 years old; 35-64% increase risk of reaction
  • Spayed or Neutered; 27-38% increased risk of reaction
  • 3 or more vaccinations in a combo vaccination; 50% increased risk of reaction

Hey! Why Stop There

Have you read about Rabies Miasm In DogsHere is a clip to get you interested.
Understanding the link between individual chronic diseases and the rabies vaccine involves what homeopathic physician Samuel Hahnemann called a ‘miasm’. The miasm is an underlying disease, like the part of the iceberg lurking beneath the water’s surface. You can see and deal with the tip of the iceberg — in this case, individual disease symptoms — but the iceberg’s essence (the miasm) is submerged, unreachable and deadly.
Go Fetch!
Dr. Dodds Vaccination Protocol
Truth 4 Dogs: Exposing Myths, Lies and Outdated Information Affecting Dogs
Rabies Challenge Fund
Human Side: Why This Nurse Won't Vaccinate

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Karen Friesecke said...

When I picked up Jersey from the Breeder, she told me to only get the Lepto shot if the dog would be hunting. That is one shot that 99% of dogs don't need.

My vets are really good and they ask me every year if I want the dogs to get Lepto instead of automatically vaccinating for it.

jen said...

Vaccine reactions are scary!
Great article! at the vet where I work at we try to break the vaccines up so they are not getting all the vaccines at once. Doxies are defiantly the ones that I have seen have the most reactions, and we never vaccinate a pet that is ill.

Kathy @Your Holistic Dog said...

Debbie, thanks for helping educate people about the dangers of vaccines.

~ Kirra ~ said...

Thank you for the 'Wake Up' call in educating awareness.

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