May 19, 2011

Kodee VS the Frisbee

Yup I have been missing in action! Blame spring and technology. Gasp I have another love or is that obsession other than dogs, ok and photography. Gardening! If you want to take a peak at what my green thumb can produce look here
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My latest technology distraction is a new iPhone! Note my first video attempt with it. Yes I am a little challenged - I now realize I held the phone wrong.

I've been busy splashing more Kodee and Becky photos at Instagram. I found a landmine of Cavaliers -HUNDREDS posting there as well! Pure heaven! If you don't know what Instagram is, it's an iPhone app that allows you to upload your photos to the Instagram site but also your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. They describe it as a "simple application". Err.. it only took me 3 times to get this posted and tweeted. Yes, I apologize to those of you on my Twitter feed that had to watch me fail, delete tweet, fail again, delete 2nd tweet till finally got the 3rd attempt right!

I love this Instagram photo my daughter took of Kodee on a squirrel hunt!
Do you really need to ask where Becky was during all this? You got it; eating grass, a pansy and I believe she attempted to top it off with a green twig for dessert. If left on her own, she would graze the day away. In gardening season, timely fashion, Dog's in Canada has an article on Dog Friendly Gardening for me to review and ensure my yard is still Becky proof.

I've posted this photo before, but it amuses me so I'll post it again!
In other news, Kodee and Becky had their annual vet visit. Phew, all went well! I will tell you all about their weight, teeth, heartworm test and Becky's upcoming spay later!! Ta ta... the garden is calling, darn - so are the hungry children and barking dogs.


Amy said...

Such a cute video. I watched it with my baby Charlie and he had a good time trying to talk back.

MB (Embee Cavaliers) said...

Zo and Kodee play frisbee the same way. Loud!!

Adien Crafts said...

Great action there Miss Kodee on the frisbee killing front, we love your style - you killed that one good and proper! Pleased to hear the vet visit went well, hope you got some treats out of that ;-) Dex & Lou x

Pup Fan said...

Love the video!

FiveSibesMom said...

Miss Kodee is very serious about her frisbee playing! Love the video!

I, too, love photography (and, of course, dogs!). I am a photojournalist by profession. I visited your other blog for the first time today, beautiful shots! I'll be back for sure!

Soggibottom said...

I used ta chase crows like that on the beach yer know. Dumb birds crows. I used to let them fly away.
I never ever caught one, as I said, dumb birds. Frizzy bee's are much better behaved. So good to see you getting the better of that frizzy bee Kodee. Enjoy your trip to the vet..... gulp.....
Maybe you could hide behind the tree's and share the fresh veggie's :-) Lots of luv Amie Soto Blossom :-)xxx Don't do phones cos my paws get stuck in the keys x

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

Hey Kodee,

You're sure good with that frisbee!! I was all confused when I first heard you barking, I wanted to join in!! I even had my head on one side and a confused look on my face while I tried to work out where you were!

Hope you have a fun weekend and I'm sure your Mum will love her iphone, my Mum is mildly obsessed with hers! :)

Your pal Snoopy :)

Kristin G. said...

Well, you can't have a blog called Bark'n About without a little barkin'. Take that neighbors. :)

Her waggy tail says it all, I think.

Prettypics123 said...

Hey Miss Kodee and Becky. Gingee eats almost anything! It alarms me. Plastic, paper, grass! What is it with those guys??!

Chicco said...

I love to see the video!!!
Very cute!!!
Woof, woof,


moa said...

So cute!

answer: my cavalier is neutered (dont know how it spells?) so i´ve always expected him to gain weight. But he hasn´t! :-D but he´s pretty active too

fromsophiesview said...

You have certainly been busy...gardening is a great distraction isn't it. Liking you other blog!Cheers!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see Miss Kodee in action and of course, not mistaking Becky's love of all things green.

The joys of Spring and the joys our Cavaliers bring - brighten each day.

I tried an iphone, a tablet - result, back to my trusty laptop, no high BP, no caffeine addiction - just happily blogging with my slow, antique laptop.

cate said...

Ooo Poppets ears wriggled a bit - she thought a dog was in the house :D I think you did a great job with the vide, it's fun!

Kathy (Your Holistic Dog) said...

I had to laugh at Kodee's video. Teko does that "shaking thing" with towels after a bath or after a rainy outing. And I can also relate to the eating grass issue. Now that it's Spring, Teko is also eating grass like crazy. No, he doesn't have a stomach ache...he just really likes the taste of the wide, tall crab grass. Thanks for the gardening link too.

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