February 23, 2011

Dog Show Fever!

A quote my sister and I used to use...
What Is Yours Is Mine. What is mine, is MINE!
 Oh yes, it's SHOW TIME! Lucky for me there are two dog shows in the next few weeks! This past weekend I attended the Ontario Breeders Association's "All Breeds Championship Dog Show in Markham and it was loads of fun. I took Becky to get a bit of socialization in for her but really I was there to cheer on Becky's sister, Molly and other Cavaliers! I love dog shows for a variety of reasons.
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  1. I get to chat with other dog lovers (learned about an Obedience Club near by)
  2. Shopping! Need I say more (see Gilded Icing Designs below)
  3. Get to know a variety of breeds  (love those Portuguese Water Dogs)
  4. I love learning about conformation (read "Evaluating Show Potential")
  5. Dog shows remind me of  horse show days. (this photo of me is 30yrs old)
The Only Photo You'll Ever See of Me!
I get a thrill attending dog shows similar to how I felt when I showed my horses. When I was a young, slender thing I had a passion for horse riding. I showed my horses in amateur hunter. This is Newsworthy when we were competing in the Hunter Classic, at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. We placed 6th that day and were the only Canadian to place in that class. My other horse was a chestnut mare named Gossip; see the pattern? Writing and yapping were apparently important to me 30 years ago! I also see the similarity in my loving to groom a dog or a horse, train both and take joy in their companionship.

This weekend I met up with a Cavalier owner who designs unique, custom crafted, posh yet practical coats for small to mid sized dogs. Molly is wearing a Gilded Icing Designs custom made coat. Each design is made with specialty fabric, handcrafted and unique. But these posh coats are also well constructed, very warm for our Canadian winters making them "stylin' practical"!

Contact Gilding Icing Designs
g.4august AT rogers DOT com
 I think you all know by now after I am done talking about my dogs I quickly move onto photography! Winter has been brutal this year; too much snow and too many cold days. I have felt very house bound and jumped at the opportunity to get out and photograph my favourite subject - dogs! Unfortunately, the florescent lights gave me a hard time! I noticed the show photographer easily got past that hump! I must need more practise or perhaps I need a super, quick shutter speed new lens? I'm trying to justify a new "affordable" lens with a faster shutter speed. If we put cost aside, I'd get the Canon 70-200 - but that is not happening! 

Sizing Up the Competition
Got Treats? I'm All Eyes!
Becky's Sister, Molly!
Primped and Ready To Go
 So next up? The 2011 Purina National - Canada's largest indoor dog show. Here I don't just get to view conformation, I get to view Obedience and Rally too! But no sneaking Becky into this one I'm afraid. I know the shopping will make up for it though!

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Prettypics123 said...

I love that new coat! What fun to go to dog shows and competitions! Gingee and I will get to attend some in the spring here at Manzanita Park. (Gingee does get bottled water too by the way.)

Cavaliers Corner said...

Whatever camera you are using the photos look great. I'd love a new camera too. Mine just can't seem to make those really close up micro shots very well and it sometimes annoys me especially when I'm with someone who takes the exact same photo and the colours are so vibrant compared to mine.

♥I am Holly♥ said...

I love that picture of you on the horse!! I love horses! Can't ride anymore but I sure used to love it!! Your pictures are great...I would like to have a good camera very much but right now the IRS seems to be top priority in spending! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

Pup Fan said...

Cool photos!

Karen Friesecke said...

I was at Breeders this weekend, too! Since you like fashionable doggie gear, you must know Shirley Charbonneau of Tender Care Pet products, she's the vendor that carries my dog collars at the breed shows.

So, how did the dogs do this weekend? Get any wins?

Wyatt said...

Dog shows are such a great place to take pictures!! Love your pictures and your horse shot...WOW!!


jen said...

I just love dog shows too! We always have a blast!

I had to laugh at your saying, what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine! That is what my older sister use to always say to me!-she still does:)

houndstooth said...

That coat is just adorable! I love finds like that. I wish we had some good dog shows here near us. I'd be in big trouble with the pocket book, though!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

@Karen Darn! I could have taken photos of your collars and shown them here too! Next time you need to tell me BEFORE the event where your going to be. Purina National maybe?

Unknown said...

I love dog shows too, although I haven't been to one in ages...used to go to a LOT back in the UK, especially the annual Crufts event, to get my "dog fix" when I was still pet-less!

You take such gorgeous pictures!!


Karen Friesecke said...

I don't think that Shirley is going to the Purina National show, but if she is, I'll let you know.

Lori @ According to Gus said...

What beautiful photos, that coat is adorable. Is that a matching scarf I see attached?!

Thanks for sharing the photo of you...so cool that you used to show horses. I think we should see more of you on the blog. :)

Have a great weekend!

Soggibottom said...

Ah, lovely post. I'm sure you are still a young looking, slim thing really :-)
Always love to see what other Cavies are up to :-)
I know you know I HAVE TOLD EVERYONE.DADDY WAS A CRUFTS champion, but I like to remind everyone when it comes to dog shows. :-)
They all look beautiful. Very posh paws.
lots of luv AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM :-)X x x Daddy's girl :-)

Rouky said...

I LOVE your photos... and the coat. It's so pretty! All your pictures are frame worthy...

Dogs shows are rare in Quebec... :-(

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

@ Rouky: This is why you need to travel to me! Club Specialty... June... LOL

Sammy the Cavalier said...

Love the pictures! The dog show sounds very exciting, I can't imagine all of the different types of dogs that must have been there. Hope you had fun, and met some new friends!

FiveSibesMom said...

LOVE this pic!!! Good luck at the shows...I'm sure you will steal them all!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! So nice to meet you!

We love training for and competing in Obedience! I say go for it, little dogs can do just as well as the big guys! :-)

Peter & Kirra said...

I just love this photo and the expression does indeed say it all, along with your wonderful caption of course.

My Kirra would just Luv the outfit.

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