October 9, 2010

A Fall Excursion; Leaves, Feathers and My Gals

YA! Bring on those colourful leaves, cooler weather and day-trips! We had a really hot, long summer with temperatures over 30 Celsius most days.  That meant we had to curtail our long hikes. Becky turned one in June, so she hasn't perfected my stellar, easy going, walking stride. Becky has a walking style that brings to mind a freight train bombing down a hill without a driver. That combined with soaring temperatures meant we had to be careful outside. [Read More...]

For the most part, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are good hiking buddies as long as we build up our endurance and learn how to pace ourselves. Trouble can sneak up if a dog is out of shape, over weight, experiences too much exertion or encounters hot, humid weather.

Cavaliers maybe at risk for respiratory health problems similar to other Brachycephalic breeds. Mom combated this humid weather problem by sewing us cooling coats. She used a special PVC chamois fabric that stays a cool moist for hours yet it doesn't make our fur wet. Sheer delight on a hot day! 

Then it happened. I looked out the window and saw the leaves flirting with the wind and twirling about in their fall dance. Mom said leaves aren't magic, but she knows nothing, I saw them change colour! YUP I know what these signs mean; cooler weather has fallen upon us! To boot, Becky has FINALLY learned to walk on a loose leash over the summer (err, most of the time). 

To celebrate the whole family loaded into the car and headed out to the waterfront and hiking trails at Frenchman's Bay in Pickering. It's a lagoon on the north shore of Lake Ontario which is part of the "Watershed Rehabilitation Project". What that means to me, is that there will be loads of birds to chase, nice clean sand to ooze between my toes, wild flowers carpeting the side of the path, and all in a litter free environment. This is a big plus with garbage can Becky running full tilt, snout glued to the pavement.

As you arrive at Frenchman's Bay you see a brick sidewalk lined with a tea house, pet grooming spa, ice cream parlour and more! Once you hit the beach it's a dogs dream guys. We're talking a treasure of bird feathers to clench down on between your teeth. Well Mom says a well behaved dog would know to "leave it" but I just know Dad enjoys a good play of tug of war with me. Mom is worried I will puncture my lung on the sharp feathers end if I swallow them. Really, I am not that foolish, that is why I let Dad win.*snicker*

We climbed a tall hill and at the top was a circle of tall poles. The sign said they were an assortment of artistic sculptures carved from recycled cedar hydro poles. The structure was known as "Homeplace" and was created by sculptor Dorsey James. The structure and carved poles are meant to illustrate change; in our past, present and future. James designed the faces to signify the young and old, male and female and the various cultures that have come to reside in the region.  

OK, I don't know about you humans, but from a dog's vantage point on the ground, those stern looking faces are a bit intimidating glaring down on you. *quivers*

It is not very often both my human sisters tag along on day-trips with us. Mom said, Becky and I were obnoxiously whimpering and yipping the whole time because we were thrilled they joined our hike. Let me tell you, things can get out of hand fast with those two around! These crazy girls threw themselves down the hill. Rolling over and over. I was just screaming frantic barks as I watched in horror. Who could blame me, I thought they were in trouble! 

If that was not enough, the silly girls saw coffee spilled on the ground. Their active imaginations decided it was blood. Naturally Lauren threw herself on the bench and draped her body like a dead person. It was totally predictable Kaits would step in as the grim murderer. And to think people have called ME a drama queen! Things are never dull when the real Princesses are home *wink*

One more thing, I highly recommend you read a blog post Lauren wrote about Becky and I called "Dog: Man’s best friend, or college student’s worst nightmare?"  Her perspective on living with us GREATLY differs from mine *sniff*.

~ Keep Sniffing, Love Kodee


Anonymous said...

Miss Kodee you have a face that would melt any heart...such an adorable little face. The pictures are great and I really like your little coat, your mom is so creative. Nose kisses from Chancy and me!

Annie said...

You are both adorable. What a lovely day out you had. The photos are beautiful. You went with your girls too! Thank you for sharing. Love your furiend AnnieB

Brian's Home Blog said...

That sounds like quite the adventure you had!

Yoda_the_Dog said...

I'm with you - those carving faces are creepy. We don't have the good color yet but it is cooler here - yay!

houndstooth said...

I really love hiking, too! I can't wait for us to start seeing the fall colors when we go out. I've been on vacation this week and I hope we get to see pretty colors on our way home! You make me itchy to get back and hit the trails, although the beach is wonderful!


♥I am Holly♥ said...

It sounds like quite an adventure!! You both have such beautiful colours in your fur! Lots of love, Holly and mom

Art and Sew Forth said...

OH! So beautiful! I (Tooey the guinea pig) would LOVE to run and play in that gorgeous color. But alas....my mom is mean. She does not let me loose anywhere. I only get to go for car rides.
Glad you had so much fun!

Two Little Cavaliers said...

Becky - How can you just be sitting there with all those leaves around you? Why aren't you chasing them? - Indiana

We love your jacket we think mommy should make us those for our walks in the summer!

Davinia & Indiana

Two Little Cavaliers said...

Oh no we can't see our comment :( We hope it went through. Mommy closed the window so she isn't sure.

Do you think you can have your mommy teach our mommy how to sew jackets like that for us for next summer?

Davinia & Indiana

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just found your site via the Blog Hop.

What a goregous fall day you had. Perfect for some autumn adventures.

Debbie said...

That looks lovely. We were going to hike there in the spring on our way to Kingston but "somebody" missed the turn. We'll have to get directions next time..

sara said...

very cute!! I love the post.. and LOL @ Lauren and Kaits - they are such silly buggers sometimes :P Kosmo and Faith would love to hang out with Kodee and Becky at some point in the near future! They miss their friends <3 :)

Unknown said...

ooh - that pink coat looks so stylish! I've got a cooling coat too!

Love the beautiful autumn colours!

Hey - I'm playing a game about human lookalikes - come and check it out on my blog - I think you'd enjoy playing it too!

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