September 29, 2010



Cavaliers Corner said...

I just love that first photo. Looks like it came from a book or a magazine. Becky, Marley & Jasper sympathise with you, but I know exactly where your Mum is coming from. Black dog on white no no... I've been wanting a cream lounge for years but with two little children and two Cavaliers I've been holding back. You just let your Mummy enjoy your beautiful white couch okay. You can be just as comfortable on a doggy bed.

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Love the pictures!! Mom can relate but I'm blonde so she constantly has blonde fur on everything including her clothes. Not my fault that I shed alot! Lots of love, Holly

Soggibottom said...

Nothing wrong with it at all. Enjoy and dig your paws in a bit more :-) xxx

Debbie said...

Awww - how cute is she?

Terrorzinhos said...

Nice photos!
Very lovely!

AngelPups said...

You have two gorgeous, funny pups, here!! Kodee and Becky look like they have a lot of fun!!
Kelly & Crew
Big Mac, Molly & Moxie

Snoop und Emily said...

LOVE the second picture :)! great! :) <3

(By the way, you also can read our german blog in english - we have a translator on the right side of our blog) :).


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